Illegal Lotus Art jewelry aims to create a connection with Mother Nature and to transfer its endless beauty, strength and wisdom to those persons who recognize and wear our ornaments.

Therefore we make use of the gifts that Mother Nature is generously giving us: semi-precious stones, metals, clays, plants, seeds, natural and antique materials such as silk, flax, hemp… and we are always inspired by the strength of amazing energy and love that we are given.
All the materials we use have their particular metaphysical meaning and role but we dare to believe that our love creates a synergy which surpasses all material components. We believe in and support all those persons who are searching for Soul, all the healers of this beautiful planet, we respect the Wild Woman and Wild Man and above all, we love immensely this home of ours among the stars – our majestic Gaea. We create the objects which fill our souls with joy, they help us to learn and grow, and they come from the place called Love.

Illegal Lotus Art reminds us that we all are sacred beings, loved and supported by our Mother and strongly bonded with invisible treads. These treads become alive when we feel and accept the beauty of creation.