When we decided to realize our plan about production of strictly natural hand-made cosmetics, a part of our surroundings approved this idea with enthusiasm whereas the other part, sceptical one, was convinced that we had been carried away by momentary “healthy lifestyle” trends. However, they had one thing in common: our name was equally intriguing for both parties. That will bring us back to the answer on our first question: why…

Illegal lotus

Lotus is a symbol of simple but perfect beauty. From ancient times in Far East religions lotus was considered to be a holy flower: immaculate, symbol of eternal life, love, wisdom and spiritual strength. Blue lotus is the most important flower in Egyptian art, culture, religion and mythology. It can decorate any scenery; it grows even in mud, but mud and dirt do not affect its purity. Apart from extraordinary beauty, it has also healing capacity and besides, lotus flowers, seeds and roots are daily used in Asian kitchen.

Lotus root goes deep into the ground, the stalk is in the water, leaf in the air, flower turned towards sun. It represents unity and harmony of all elements. Metaphysically, it indicates the course of life which every human being must overcome in order to become aware of his own potentials. In the most perfect way it symbolizes the unbreakable connection between man and nature – and that is in total compliance with our life principles. Illegal Lotus is the synonym for the best natural components which are incorporated in our products and these products, by its characteristics and looks are miles away from any conventional thinking.

Natural Cosmetics

Our family lives in perfect harmony with the nature respecting all its rules. Although the nature offers all of its resources without exception, a great part of the world replies only with unreasonable destruction. We believe that is such an environment every single contribution in preserving natural balance is very important. We recycle as much as possible and do not pollute; we try to protect the nature and be thankful for all its wonderful gifts which we are able to build in our products.

The production of natural cosmetics is logical continuation of our activities. Each member of our family is engaged in manufacturing process. For a long time already we are using only natural cosmetics for personal hygiene. Our products are result of our love for nature and plant world. From the very beginning of our activity we had very distinct goals: to manufacture natural cosmetics of plants and components of the highest quality. Apart from cold pressured organic oils and butters, we add to our natural cosmetics and soaps also natural macerate of healing plants (picking them up and colleting them by ourselves) e.g. marigold, chamomile and confrey macerate. Some of our products contain minimal quantity of preservers, exclusively ecological and those of the best quality. We do not stand for any compromise whatsoever because we cherish honest and sincere relations with our customers. Consequently, we will always offer the products made of the best components, according to the original recipe, with joyous and amusing appearance that makes you smile.

Our biggest motivation is enjoyment in manufacturing procedure knowing that final product will have beneficial effect on human health, that it will be of an appealing design and capable to enrich everyday life. We truly love and believe in our work and hope that you will recognize it.


Illegal Lotus Art jewelry aims to create a connection with Mother Nature and to transfer its endless beauty, strength and wisdom to those persons who recognize and wear our ornaments.

Therefore we make use of the gifts that Mother Nature is generously giving us: semi-precious stones, metals, clays, plants, seeds, natural and antique materials such as silk, flax, hemp… and we are always inspired by the strength of amazing energy and love that we are given.
All the materials we use have their particular metaphysical meaning and role but we dare to believe that our love creates a synergy which surpasses all material components. We believe in and support all those persons who are searching for Soul, all the healers of this beautiful planet, we respect the Wild Woman and Wild Man and above all, we love immensely this home of ours among the stars – our majestic Gaea. We create the objects which fill our souls with joy, they help us to learn and grow, and they come from the place called Love.

Illegal Lotus Art reminds us that we all are sacred beings, loved and supported by our Mother and strongly bonded with invisible treads. These treads become alive when we feel and accept the beauty of creation.